Jun 05
Power BI .pbix file size increase to 1 GB
Aug 25
The trust relationship between this workstation and the primary domain failed


If you receive this message on a vm that previously worked, the following PowerShell command may fix your problem. First you will have to log in as the local computer admin, and run the following PowerShell commandlets:

Test-ComputerSecureChannel -verbose

Test-ComputerSecureChannel -repair -verbose

 Note: -verbose is optional, as is the first commandlet:

8-26-2013 3-08-46 PM.jpg  After a reboot, you should now be able to login with the domain account again.

Aug 07
SQL 2012 Configuration Manager- Cannot connect to WMI provider

If you receive the following message when attempting to open SQL Configuration Manager:

Cannot connect to WMI provider. You do not have permission or the server is unreachable. Note that you can only manage SQL Server 2005 and later servers with SQL Server Configuration Manager. Invalid class [0x80041010]

In my case it happened after a SQL vm suffered a hard boot from the host machine locking up and hard booting.

Registering the .mof files should get the application running again. First, open an elevated command prompt and type the following:

mofcomp "C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft SQL Server\110\Shared\sqlmgmproviderxpsp2up.mof"

Above is the path for SQL 2012 x64 bit. For other versions, just do a search for sqlmgmproviderxpsp2up.mof


You should now be able to open SQL Configuration Manager again.

Aug 07
Nokia Lumia 1020 not recognized by Windows 8 Pro

It was with great expectations that I initially plugged in my new Lumia 1020 to transfer the first batch of 41 megapixel images onto my Win 8 Pro notebook. Everything had worked flawlessly thus far, and the camera is awesome! However, the Windows 8 phone was not recognized by my Windows 8 Pro machine. Software installed, but the device drivers failed to configure correctly. Initially, I thought there might be a conflict with Hyper-V, but this is not the case.

When I initially plugged into the USB port, the following happens:

And an "Unspecified Device" named RM-877|Nokia 909 can be located in Control Panel | Hardware and Sound | Devices and Printers


The fix for me was to head for Device Manager, and update the drivers manually: Right click on the RM-877|Nokia 909 device driver:


Then browse my computer for driver software:


The drivers Nokia Windows Phone is looking for are located in the C:\Windows\System32 directory, and apparently, checking Include Subfolders has no impact.


Click next and the software is installed. As a reminder, this was attempted early on from the root C:\ drive with Include subfolders checked without success. Therefore, looks like you must use the correct folder- C:\Windows\System32, in order for it to succeed. Ie: Include Subfolders does not appear to function as expected.


Now, the Nokia Lumia 1020 can be browsed as a device and transfer files:

Properly configured, the Window Phone device drivers should render under Portable Devices as shown in Device Manager:

Also, you will see a Windows Phone device in control panel under Devices and Printers:



And the driver details for the Windows Phone portable device should be:

Jul 19
Power View Maps- Geography Data Category

To use latitude and longitude for a Power View Map, the "data category" needs to be changed from Uncategorized to Latitude. This can be done in the properties dialog either form the diagram or grid view:

 Also, change the data type to decimal:


Jul 18
Photoshop- Select color with eyedropper from anywhere on the screen

With the eyedropper tool selected, click and hold the "left" mouse button while dragging to another area of your screen:

Jun 13
Determine whether SQL Server 2008 R2 is installed

Open Management Studio and run the following query:
SELECT SERVERPROPERTY('productversion'), SERVERPROPERTY ('productlevel'), SERVERPROPERTY ('edition')
If SQL 2008 R2 is installed, the following results should be returned:
10.50.1600.1     RTM     Enterprise Edition (64-bit)

The following would indicate SQL Server 2008, with SP1;
10.0.2740.0   SP1     Enterprise Edition (64-bit)

Mar 28
Install and run SharePoint 2010 and PerformancePoint Services on Windows 7

SharePoint 2010 will install and run, including PerformancePoint Services on Windows 7.  This is nice as you can now develop on a laptop without losing sleep, hibernate, other client features and driver issues..  You will need a 64bit machine, preferrably with 6-8 gb ram.

SharePoint 2010 will not install by default on Windows 7, and there are a few workarounds provided by MS here:

Successfully installed the RC bits, but was not able to install Patch 4747. Upon configuring Sharepoint, I was unable to create the configuration db.  Install log stated this:

Failed to create the configuration database.

An exception of type System.IO.FileNotFoundException was thrown. Additional exception information: Could not load file or assembly 'Microsoft.IdentityModel, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=31bf3856ad364e35' or one of its dependencies. The system cannot find the file specified.

However, I found an additional workaround, reference here:!1ECBD95615FD5092!753.entry

Follow these instructions from the above blog:

 --> Download Microsoft Windows Identity Foundation, Not "Geneva" Framework.

You can get Microsoft.IdentityModel 3.5. You can get it following url.



Jan 29
Performance Management is a critical component of business intelligence and Microsoft will continue marketing and R&D investment in this area in future product releases

This is a statement from a seemingly more official document that can be viewed on the PPS TechNet site at:

The quote is from the last sentence of point 1- What will happen to PerformancePoint Server?:

"Performance management is a critical component of business intelligence and Microsoft will continue marketing and R&D investment in this area in future product releases."

Maybe there is another life for some type of Planning application?  Holding out hope that Microsoft will provide guidance soon on the vision of this statement.

Jan 23
Microsoft to abandon PerformancePoint Planning Server. Planning component will be discontinued

Apparently, the rumors are true.  This is the closest "official" item I've been able to find, but it does appear MS will abandon the Planning component for now:

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